Balanced Mind, Balanced Body

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In 2002, Lama Zopa Rinpoche requested Amy Cayton to put together a collection of stories from several Western FPMT meditators about successfully dealing with lung (pronounced loong), a disorder of elements within the body that can negatively impact both body and mind. Rinpoche was quite clear that the collection should be about what worked to alleviate the problem, and not about peoples symptoms.

Contents Include:

-Editors Preface by Amy Cayton
-Introduction by Lama Zopa Rinpoche
-Lung and Its Antidotes: Personal Reflections
-About Lung by Ven. Tenzin Namdrol
-Advice for People With Lung by Ven. Pende Hawter
-Advice for Treating Lung by Ven. Thubten Shakya
-Retreat Without Going Crazy or Running Away: Recognizing and Preventing Lung by Ven. Paula Chichester
-Further Reading and References Suggested by Ven. Paula Chichester
-Appendix: The Ten Innermost Jewels of the Kadampa Geshes
-Biographies of the Editor and Contributors

There are different types of lung (heart, blood, tantric, etc.) and it can come from an imbalance in the air, phlegm, or bile elements. It is best if imbalances can be rebalanced, not simply pacified, and it is always recommended to consult a qualified teacher or Tibetan doctor for treatment because conditions labeled as lung in Dharma communities may not really be best handled as lung.

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