A Short Practice of Green Tara

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Tara is a completely enlightened buddha who had previously promised to appear, after enlightenment, in the form of a female bodhisattva and goddess for the benefit of all beings. Her primary activity is to protect from the eight fears.

Tara (Star) or simply Drol-ma in Tibetan, goddess of protection and compassion, is one of the widest worshipped deity in Tibet, Tara is the bodhisattva representing the miraculous activities of all buddhas. In myth she is born from Chenrezig's (sanskrit: Avalokitesvara, the male counterpart similar to Tara) tears of compassion or from her own vow to be enlightened and stay a woman. There are innumerable manifestations of Tara, manifesting in so many ways as sentient beings may require, but her most famous are the peaceful WHITE TARA, who brings protection, long life and peace; and the dynamic GREEN TARA, who overcomes obstacles and saves beings in dangerous situations in the most immediate manner. Tara also manifests in the 21 forms of Taras.

By cultivating the wish that all of our endeavors ultimately benefit others, we can call upon the power of Tara to get things done in a most amazing way. Whether you are looking for the right partner in a relationship or wishing to find the conditions for entering into a life of solitary retreat, the practice of Tara is the perfect recipe for success.

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