Statues and Stupas. Part 2

Building and Blessing Holy Objects

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Portland, USA: FPMT, 2006
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More than 2,500 years ago, Shakyamuni Buddha revealed an inconceivably powerful method for awakening and bringing peace and prosperity to the world — building holy objects.

This book provides the instructions you need to create a holy object yourself, including tips from stupa builders, architectural drawings, photographs, and ritual texts needed for building a stupa. This book empowers you to create new places of pilgrimage and peace, for the benefit of the entire world.

“A holy stupa is a way to benefit sentient beings without words. It will liberate beings from samsara in silence. To have such a holy object existing in a country makes [that country] very rich and very lucky. Many people will come to visit for pleasure as tourists, but it will at the same time make their life meaningful. That is the main function of these holy objects — to help us sentient beings have quick realizations of the path to enlightenment by the power of the holy object.” — Lama Zopa Rinpoche

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