The Preliminary Practice of TSA-TSAS

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Portland, USA: FPMT, 2009
14 х 21,5 см
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The presence of holy objects in the world transforms the minds of sentient beings and helps them realize the path to enlightenment.In addition, the preliminary practice of making tsa-tsas purifies obstacles and creates positive conditions for this and future lives. This booklet contains all the instructions needed for creating tsa-tsas, including the actual practice and practical advice.

“Even in this life, you will have less disease,your enjoyments will increase, and you will achieve long life and good reputation. It is the best method to betray death. Making tsa-tsas pacifies obstacles, bad conditions, accidents,and sudden diseases like heart attacks and paralysis. By making tsa-tsas you pacify enemies, interferers, and harms. You accumulate all merit, purify all obscurations, and in a future life, achieve the resultant three kayas. “– Lama Zopa Rinpoche

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