The Preliminary Practice of Vajrasattva

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Portland, USA: FPMT, 2010
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Doing Vajrasattva retreat is not simply about reciting the mantra and saying some prayers; it is about making the practice effective for your mind, making it the quickest, most powerful way to transform your mind. Experienced meditators have advised that, in general, it is more important to put your everyday life's effort into the practice of purification — this is the way to attain spiritual realization. This practice booklet contains the short and long practice of Vajrasattva as well as Vajrasattva tsog. It also contains commentary, retreat advice, altar set-up, and retreat preliminaries.

Contents Include:
- Heruka Vajrasattva Retreat Sadhana Torma Offering
- Abbreviated Heruka Vajrasattva Sadhana
- A Short Vajrasattva Meditation
- Heruka Vajrasattva Tsog
- Dedication Prayers and Long Life Prayers
- Multiplying Mantras
- Rituals for Commencing the Retreat
- A Simple Vajrasattva Practice (without Consort)
- Explanation of the Meaning of the Mantra
- Breathing Exercise
- How to Purify During Mantra Recitation
- Burning Offering to Dorje Khadro
- Benefits of Purification with Heruka Vajrasattva
- Motivations for Practicing Vajrasattva
- Introduction to the Heruka-Vajrasattva Tsog
- The Meaning of Tsog
- Guidelines for Completing 100,000 Vajrasattva Mantras
- Vajrasattva Retreat Procedures

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