Vajrayogini — The Initial Practices of Vajrayogini

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Portland, USA: FPMT, 2012
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This 2012 edition has been revised and reformatted with special attention to accuracy and a new user-friendly format for retreat and personal practice. With input from three different translators and FPMTs complete editorial team, this is our finest edition yet and one that all practitioners of Vajrayogini will be happy to have on hand!

Who is Vajrayogini? She is the ultimate flowering of the female energy that lies within all of us, a fully enlightened buddha, the essence of totality- beyond duality, beyond ego, and fully controlled. Emphasizing wisdom, the yoga method of Vajrayogini trains us to identify with her divine qualities and leads us on the quickest path to enlightenment.

"The Vajrayogini yoga method is extremely powerful. It is just what we need in these degenerate times, with our delusions running rampant and our minds grasping at concretized sense pleasures. Therefore, a method such as this, which has the wisdom to transform delusions, is of the utmost need, especially as it has the profound property of becoming more powerful as delusions becomes stronger." (Lama Thubten Yeshe)

This text includes the short, middle and long sadhanas, instructions on how to enter into and abide in the retreat, a tea offering, two tsog offering texts, and hand offering practice. Three further volumes will follow; The Fire Ritual of Vajrayogini will include the Peaceful fire puja text and altar set up, Intermediate Practices of Vajrayogini will include the long sadhana, self initiation, tsog, and short self initiation text and Secret Advanced Practices of Vajrayogini will include instructions for the great retreat, various great retreat fire pujas, sindhura, and langali practice

Contents Include:
-A Short Practice of Venerable Vajrayogini
-The Middle-Length Sadhana of Vajrayogini
-The Nearing Path to Great Bliss: The Uncommon Sadhana of Venerable Vajrayogini Naro Khacho
-Vajrayogini Tsog Offering
-The Extremely Abbreviated Tsog Offering
-Tea Offering to Vajrayogini
-Vajrayogini Hand Offering Practice
-The Messanger Invoking the Hundred Blessings of the Vajra: How to Prepare for Vajrayogini Retreat
-Two Commentaries by Pabongkha Dechen Nyingpa
-How to perform the Hand Gestures (Mudras) for Vajrayogini Practice
-The Pledge Substances of Highest Yoga Tantra
-Bibliography and Resources

These practices are restricted to only those with the appropriate tantric empowerment.

By ordering this product, you affirm that you have received the empowerment for this practice.

Vajrayogini — The Pacifying Burning Offering Ritual of Vajrayogini

Vajrayogini — The Intermediate Practices of Vajrayogini

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