Vajrayogini — The Pacifying Burning Offering Ritual of Vajrayogini

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In the extensive practice of Vajrayogini, there are three aspects: empowerment, approximation, and activity. Upon receiving the four empowerments, a disciple of Vajrayogini is invested with the permission and transmission of energy from one’s guru to engage in Vajrayogini’s path of practice.

The seeds of the four buddha-bodies have been planted in the disciple’s mental continuum that will eventually ripen into the actual enlightened bodies of Vajrayogini — perhaps even in this lifetime! One then engages in the nearing retreat of enabling action, practicing the generation and completion stages of Vajrayogini and thus coming nearer to the attainment of Vajrayogini’s enlightenment itself. Upon completion of the nearing retreat the disciple performs the pacifying burning offering. This is for the purpose of purifying what was missing, extra, or mistakenly done during the nearing retreat. Having fully completed the nearing retreat of Vajrayogini, the disciple is then able to go on to engage in Vajrayogini’s extensive activities, such as self-initiation an so on.

In this second volume of FPMTs Vajrayogini practice series, all the necessary instructions and practice materials for performing Vajrayogini’s pacifying burning offering are provided for those who have completed the mantra recitations of Vajrayogini’s nearing retreat for enabling actions.

Contents Include:
-About Burning Offering Rituals
-Gathering and Preparing the Substances and Implements
-How to Construct a Fire Offering Hearth
-How to Draw the Vajrayogini Fire Offering Mandala Design
-Arranging the Offerings and Materials on the Day of the Burning Offering
-Fulfilling the Wish for Attainments
-The Subsequent Activites
-Supplementary Text on Requesting, Purifying and Blessing the Site
-Using Astrology (to Determine) the Location of the Sage Fire Deity
-How to Perform the Hand Gestures (Mudras) for the Burning Offering Ritual
-Stencils for Drawing the Burning Offering Hearth
-The Pledge Substances of Highest Yoga Tantra
-Bibliography and Resources
-The Vajrayogini Practice Series

These practices are restricted to only those with the appropriate tantric empowerment.

By ordering this product, you affirm that you have received the empowerment for this practice.

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