Middling LamRim in Tibetan

755 г
Kathmandu, Nepal: Kopan Library, 2005
16,5 х 24 см
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The celebrated system of teachings known as the Stages of the Path (Tibetan: Lam rim) represents a synthesis of the complete path to enlightenment. Presented in a clear and concise form, these teachings are easy to understand, meditate on and apply to daily life. Instruction begins with the preliminaries, and then progresses through the essential practices of the 'beings of the three scopes', including correct guru devotion, renunciation, the altruistic wish for enlightenment, and the view of the middle way. Je Tsong Khapa's Middling Stages of the Path is a particularly accessible version of this genre, condensing all the main points of his classic Great Stages of the Path. The chapter on special insight distinguishes this work from all others and is regarded as indispensable for those seeking to understand profound emptiness.

We are now offering a limited number of the Tibetan text in book format. This edition, printed at Kopan Monastery, includes the outline by Trijang Rinpoche. This is the standard text used for this subject in the FPMT Basic Program.

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