A Grammar of The Tibetan Language

600 г
Delhi: Sri Satguru Publications, 2015
13,5 х 21 см
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Coming in the wake of the earlier grammars of Tibetan Language by scholars like Alexander Csomade Koraos, H.A. Jaschke, Rai Sarat Chandra Das, Henderson, C.A. Bell and others, Hannah's work has a definite advantage over his forerunners especially in that it is the outcome of his practical experience. The author has dealt with both Literary and Colloquial Tibetan mostly in usage around Lhasa. The important and elusive subjects of Pronunciation and Spelling are given on principles more systematic and accurate, highlighting the subtle distinctions. The so-called verb has also been elaborately treated keeping in view the genius of the Tibetan sentence, the construction of which is unique.

Букинистическое издание. Состояние удовлетворительное.

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