Two Classic Tibetan Fables

"Two Classic Tibetan Fables"

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The two engaging stories in this volume originate in Tibetan folklore and deliver their essential moral message in such a way to appeal to adults and children alike. In the first tale, A story of Antelopes: A Message of Renunciation Towards Cyclic Existence, we meet a stubborn antelope, whose refusal of his chieftain’s wise advice leads to his downfall despite the compassionate prayers of great sage. From this tale we learn the invincible laws of self responsibility or karmic cause and effect.

The second fable, the legend of the Birds and Monkeys, involves us in a dispute between a group of monkeys and a flock of birds. The way the dispute is resolved highlights the wisdom of a fair-minded and logical approach in the face of arguments and aggression. The enduring relevance of this message is particularly useful in today’s world.

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